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Prices of custom-made suits available at our store (as of May 2024)

by 鈴木寛人
To be able to offer a price that satisfies our customers

At our store, we quote "sewing fee" + "fabric cost" = "finished price."

Sewing labor costs
*Prices include tax and include sewing labor only. Fabric cost is separate.
Both "Authentic" and "High Grade" are easy-to-order garments made with machine and hand sewing, but "High Grade" is sewn in a more three-dimensional way that fits the human body better, so it doesn't restrict movement and is very comfortable to wear.
Authentic Delivery time: about 3 to 4 weeks
Taking advantage of the economies of scale of Japan's largest sewing factory and the advantages of machine-made products, we offer reasonable prices and fast delivery times.
Features include genuine wool interlining, cupra lining, genuine pegs, pant flaps with crotch reinforcement (crotch reinforcement fabric), and silicone anti-slip fabric.
2 piece S suit (top and bottom) From 50,600 yen
3-piece S suit (top, middle, bottom) From 63,800 yen
2 Pants S Suit (Top and Bottom) From 61,600 yen
Ladies' S-suit (JK+SK) From 42,900 yen
High Grade Delivery time: about 4 to 5 weeks
This sewing factory, one of only three in Japan to have been awarded a three-star rating in the easy-order category by the International Clothing Designers Association, produces clothes that combine visual appeal and comfort at a high level, with handmade craftsmanship shining through in every detail, and we confidently recommend this method of tailoring.
Features include genuine wool interlining, cupra lining, front stitching, nut buttons, barchetta pockets, and flap loops on the pants (which keep the back belt loops raised to prevent the belt from curling).
2 piece S suit (top and bottom) From 71,500 yen
3 piece S suit (top, middle and bottom) From 94,600 yen
Single jacket (top) From 48,400 yen
Raw land price
*Price includes tax and is for 3.2m of standard fabric for a single-breasted suit. Sewing costs are not included.
Choose from a wide variety of domestic and imported fabrics.
From about 16,500 yen for one single suit
The average price range is around 30,000 to 40,000 yen per item.
Fabric from China Wrinkle-resistant wool/polyester blends, etc.
11,000 yen to 24,600 yen
Fabric made in Japan Japan is proud of its world-famous textiles, including Miyuki Woolen Mills, Katsuri Woolen Mills, Nikke, Mitsuboshi Woolen Mills, and Chodai.
24,200 yen to 84,480 yen
European imported fabric England: Harris Tweed, Fox Brothers, John Foster, Woodhead, etc. Italy: Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Canonico, Reda, Drago, etc.
33,792 yen to 138,600 yen
The reference price for a single-breasted two-piece suit, including tailoring and fabric costs, is as follows:
authentic From 66,000 yen (tax included)
High Grade Starting from approximately 100,000 yen (tax included)
"Two custom-made suits starting at 48,000 yen"
It may seem expensive when compared to other stores, but

Our store offers a balance between "looking good," "comfortable to wear," and "reasonable prices."
To "keep it in a good condition" and "comfortable" for as long as possible
It has all the necessary elements (tailoring specifications, materials used, fabric texture, etc.)
We can wholeheartedly recommend the single two-piece suit (top and bottom): starting at around 66,000 yen (tax included).
* Price includes fabric cost

We hope that every time you put your hands into this garment, you will feel uplifted and your body will be filled with energy.
Please feel free to contact us please.
by 鈴木寛人