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Types of custom-made suits available at our store

by 鈴木寛人

There are several types of custom-made suits, depending on sales and manufacturing methods.

What we consider important about custom-made suits is
The three points are: "Looks good," "Comfortable to wear," and "Reasonable price."

Of course, the technology to measure body size and close cooperation with sewing factories are important,
Your purpose of use, design, comfort preferences,
We will ask you as much detail as possible about how often you have worn the item and its condition, and then we will take the final measurements into account.
We strive to achieve a high level of harmony between these three important points.

To achieve this, we have adopted the green items, which we believe are most suitable.

The method you choose will depend on the situation and personality of your store, so
Neither is better or worse.

Sales method
Store type They have a permanent store where they can take measurements and discuss fabrics, styles, etc.
Non-store type Measurements will be taken and discussions will be held at the client's premises or at the arranged venue.
Production method
Fully customizable Since we create from scratch, we can meet all kinds of requests, but this requires time and money, and there are very few shops that can meet this demand.
Easy Order Although there are several basic patterns, we can accommodate very detailed modifications and requests. There are cases where a fitting is required, but as a rule, we do not require a fitting due to time and cost considerations.
Pattern Order Based on a basic pattern, only limited corrections can be made in the length and width directions. Relatively inexpensive and quick delivery.
Custom size Just choose from the sizes available within the given frame.
Sewing Method
Fully handmade (hand sewn) Almost all of the sewing is done by hand. The result is a rounded, three-dimensional finish that conforms to the body, but there are only a limited number of craftsmen who can do this.
Basically, it is a real wool core. In some cases, a fusible core may also be used.
Hand + Machine Made Parts that greatly affect comfort and style, such as the shoulders, neck, and chest, are hand-made, while the rest is sewn by machine. The balance between price, quality, and delivery time is excellent.
Basically, it is a real wool core. In some cases, a fusible core may also be used.
Machine Made Almost all processes are done by machine. They are inexpensive and can be delivered in a short time (one week).
Basically an adhesive core.
Sewing process response method
Self-contained Almost all processes are carried out in-house, except for purchased items such as fabric and buttons. This is common among fully made-to-order stores.
Outsourced sewing process Only the sewing process is outsourced to an external factory, and since there are no fixed costs, it can be done relatively cheaply.
by 鈴木寛人