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negroni products - Notice of price revision -

by 鈴木寛人

I am very sorry to hear about the price increase.
The price of negroni products will be revised as follows from February 1, 2023.

Series name

old price

new price

negroni IDEA 15944 series (all colors)



negroni IDEA SPECIAL 15944 series (our special order colors: TRC1, TRC2, TRC3, NOIR, Berlinette)



negroni SMOKING CULF 15969 series (all colors)



negroni PUNCHING LEATHER 15962 (White/Silver)



unit circle. Prices include tax.

In addition, our bespoke color came with a spare shoelace of a different color, but unfortunately this will be discontinued.

We will pay the old price for the reservation items that we are currently accepting. (Reservation made-to-order production has been suspended.)

From the manufacturer, the price of raw materials has not stopped rising, and since we use a lot of imported materials, we continue to be strongly affected by the depreciation of the yen. It is an unavoidable situation,
In addition, we would like to ask for your forgiveness for adding shoelaces from this time, as the production lot of our bespoke items is small, so the cost will be even higher. This is the explanation.

We are pleased to inform you about the above.

by 鈴木寛人