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How to try on shoes and check points

by 鈴木寛人

★ "How to choose the right size shoes"

Wear socks indoors, loosen the laces, put your feet in, and put your heels in the heel cup.

1 ) After putting your feet in, tighten the laces appropriately (to the extent that they do not move loosely. Loosen the toes and tighten the insteps are recommended).

2 ) Stand up and raise your knees alternately. *Please refrain from bending and walking as it will cause wrinkles.

3 ) At that time, confirm that the "heel" from the "instep" to the "heel" does not come off from the shoe and does not move .

4 ) Next, put both feet on and try to move around the toes to confirm that they are in a state where they can move freely to some extent .

5) Put your foot in it for about 2-3 minutes, and you will feel a feeling of being wrapped in it, but you will not feel any particular pain.

This is the best condition.

★ Condition at the time of fitting and recommended handling method

・If the shoe comes off the heel when you raise your foot: Too big. We recommend sizing down.

・If the tip of the toe touches the inside of the shoe: The length is not enough. We recommend sizing up.

・If you feel that the tip of the toe is not touching and the side or height is not enough: Try loosening the laces.

If you still feel local pain, we recommend sizing up.

・If the length is long enough and you don't feel any pain and the feeling of being wrapped around is strong: In many cases, the upper will stretch during use and the insole will sink, expanding the internal space and making it just right. likely to feel.

In the case of items purchased at our store, if you let us know the specific parts, we will work to stretch the upper naturally to some extent, so please let us know if you wish. We do not charge a fee, but please bear the one-way shipping fee to our shop.

by 鈴木寛人